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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I went in to Thriftway for butter, cheese, ground beef and eggs. They're no higher than the shiny suburban-style grocery on 18th for these items, and the neighborhood would resemble a food desert if they folded, so I figure it's a joint I need to support. An they do go the extra mile service-wise.

Actually, I'm a little skeptical of the whole food desert argument: lots of folks in ultra-upscale Leawood live more than a mile or two from a grocery store that sells fresh produce. On the flip side, the poorer someone is, the harder it is to get that transportation thing going. Cruising your Jaguar to Dean & DeLuca isn't quite the challenge that hauling groceries for a family of four on a city bus with a transfer is.

Anyway, what I thought was interesting about these shots, really, is Mo's focus on whatever she can lay her hands on. She is the most in-the-moment person I've ever known.

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