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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Bumper Sticker

I put the first bumper sticker on my xB. Got it at It's a Beautiful Day when I was there to pick up Corinna's banner from Miss Conception who works there.
I think this place must be a lot like India Imports, a head shop that used to be in Westport. When I was a kid, my Dad shopped at a store near it, near enough he had to walk by the place. He complained about being able to smell the pot clear out on the curb, how they must bribe the cops to stay open.
I suspect what Dad smelled was incense, not weed. Beautiful Day has the latest pro-cannabis petition by the cash register, but there's no sign of herb in there. Everything you might want to smoke it with or look at, fondle and listen to after smoking it, and the place reeks of incense, but not weed.
Anyway, if you're wanting a bumper sticker or ten, this is where to go. They have everything from Abolish the Fed to pantheistic tolerance stuff to Ghandi to Mark Twain.

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