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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The thrift store across the street from my work was closed for three months. City Union Mission is the charity that owns it, and it was called Second Chance.

They reopened as City Thrift, and the joint was hopping.

Now a company that manages thrift stores runs it for CUM. They run the DAV thrift down the street as well, and I wasn't too happy to hear it. They run a more organized store, but they generally do too good a job of figuring out what they have so the bargains are fewer and less spectacular.

Some of the higher prices, I'm sure, are that this management company has to make a profit before City Union Mission gets their cut. And that's fine, like I say, they definitely run a more organized and generally cleaner shop.

I did manage to find some deals, though. I got a metal lunch box with Roasterie art stamped into it; a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer 2's (with prescription lenses that aren't my prescription; I'll either have my eye doc put my script in or see about getting non-prescription replacement lenses) and a 100% merino wool Italian sweater. Under seven bucks for all of it.

They wouldn't tell me where the fast women shop, but now I know where the slow ones do.

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