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Monday, February 13, 2012

Letting Go

We're combining two households into the smaller of the two houses. Not much smaller, but a little.

And mine, the larger was the fuller of the two houses. While the moved stuff is being sorted, the effect is Hoarder Palace, though mainly just in the basement at this point.

My idea was keep Daisy, someday I can afford to have her outfitted with wheels that will withstand the stress of her turns, shiftable gears, working brakes, all the things she'd need to be rideable in the city.

As it is, I decided to return her to Pastor Kurt who gave her to me so I could ride with Mo.

He didn't say it in quite so many words, but I took the gift to be one with the caveat that if it didn't work out for me and Molly, Daisy should come back or be given forward. In other words, I shouldn't profit from getting rid of her.

I think Pastor Kurt was glad to have her back. And if anyone has a few dozen wheels to replace her taco'd back wheel, it's him.

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