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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Tires

Last winter, Corinna put these on her road bike and I was dropping her like a bad habit. She's much faster than me, really, but steel studded snow tires slow your ass down.

Last night she rode out to meet me on the way home and nodded to all the slick, wet asphalt. It was pretty well treated, but she was right when she said, "Come morning, this shit is going to be a sheet of ice."

So we put her snow tires on my bike. Great idea. Fantastic. The roads weren't really that bad this morning overall—the temp didn't drop quite as low as forecast. But there were ice spots under bridges and on overpasses. And a train parked across Kansas Avenue that I had to take my patent-pending detour around, and that detour includes some parts nobody is ever going to blade off or treat with salt and sand.

They really shouldn't call them snow tires, they don't really help that much with the loose, fluffy stuff, but on ice, refrozen slush and all that, they give you billy-goat traction.

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