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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Picture Shows

Been a bit under the weather of late, I guess hanging out at Kelly's waiting for nobody to show up for the Post Modern Pentathlon might have exposed me to a bug, then the stress of getting ready for the thing and dragging that trailer full of goodies to Westport and back might have lowered my defenses. Or maybe it was just coincidence. But yeah, I've felt better than I have the first half of this week.

I'm not a big one for calling in sick. I only missed a week for a heart attack. I know, I probably shouldn't go to work some of the times I do because I potentially make my coworkers sick, but I'm a one man department, the only person who can cover my desk is my boss and I generally hate the way he does things—when someone comes looking to reorder something, I know where to find stuff in editable form as long as I did it.

Plus, a lot of times getting busy at work is enough to distract me from my misery. But it wasn't that busy today and by 2:00 I had my desk caught up and still felt like death warmed over. So I went to the movies. I like movies generally, and they tend to distract one from misery, and when you're at a low energy level what's better than sitting in the dark receiving a story?

Suicide Squad was, well, it was DC. A lot like Bat-meh vs. Super-meh, Suicide Squad takes great characters from great comic books and makes a mediocre hash of a movie out of it. The last DC movie that really impressed me was Heath Ledger's Dark Knight. And folks, that's been a day or two. Marvel adaptations aren't always super awesome, but they are generally solid (X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America Civil War) and often divine (Deadpool, the Iron Man franchise, etc.)

But anyway, in my zombie state I decided to make it a double feature. And the second movie I saw, Sausage Party, is fucking awesome. Like the best of science fiction, Sausage Party asks the important questions. And while it definitely goes a bit blue, it's also hilarious.

And unlike Suicide Squad, Sausage Party actually made me forget I was sick for quite a while. Hopefully I'm on the mend, not sure I plan to bike to work tomorrow but hopefully Friday anyway. Call it the healing power of seeing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolved by animated food products while the Meaning of Life is probed by a hot dog and a wheelchair bound piece of gum.

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