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Monday, August 15, 2016

En Route

A few shots I took on the way to and from what was supposed to be the Post Modern Pentathlon (but wasn't, that's a separate post I think).

The Spain/Yacht tags on one of the Abernathy buildings in the West Bottoms, I happened to realize as I pedaled along that the 105mm lens would be just the thing to get that. It's way up on the fire escapes.

Then I spotted this gorgeous woman being photographed on the 12th Street Bridge. So I had to take a shot. Her photographer (who I think might also have been her boyfriend) returned fire.

I didn't totally nail the focus on this shot of another beautiful model I spotted on the way home. But I still felt like the shot was fun enough to share.

And finally, there was this lesson in don't procrastinate. There was some beautiful art on this wall and I meant to shoot it but every time I passed it I was on the way to work and I kept meaning to get it on the way home and forgetting to detour (my return route is just a little different on my commute). Then Meatman came along and tagged up in a most rude and disgusting way.

This isn't cute, it isn't funny and it isn't art. This is what it would look like if Donald Trump tried to be a writer. If Meatman wants to identify himself and meet me in person, I'm perfectly willing to beat him in the head with a U-Lock until he can only make vowel sounds and piss the bed. That's not a threat, but it is a valid offer, you useless piece of shit.

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