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Friday, April 15, 2016

Wide Angle, Meet ND Filter; ND Filter, Meet Wide Angle

Still trying to figure out the ultrawide lens, but also bought some cheap (maybe too cheap) ND filters. Two cheap as in they didn't come with conversion charts, so it's hard to tell how to adjust the shutter speed. But here's the gist of what they do. Above is an exposure taken on the way home from work, just the lens with a UV filter, F2.8, something like 1/1250 second exposure. The water droplets are frozen in time, which is legit.

But then put some ND filters on and slow the shutter down a bit and you get this. Well, you get a lot of dust specs that I did a half-assed job cleaning up. And you get some white balance issues because cheap 'neutral density' isn't necessarily that neutral.

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