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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Birthday, Bro

We got together to celebrate my kid brother's birthday on Saturday. He brought his new guitar & amp, which was super fun. So was playing with my ultra-wide angle Tokina lens.

Apologies for the distortion. I've actually tried to correct for it in Photoshop but it's pretty extreme at the edges. 11 mm focal length, it's not a fisheye but it's as close as you get without falling in.

I actually kind of like the distortion in some ways, like the shot of Brian with the guitar, which is cropped square and tight, the way the guitar becomes the focal point by being larger than life. I should have moved around and gotten a shot down the neck, with the headstock huge in the foreground, that could be a cool shot. Like when you see those shots where the model's legs are impossibly long.

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