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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Museum Field Trips

I'd kind of gotten out of the habit of hitting the Nelson and Kemper museums regularly. For one thing, Mo always says no when I offer to take her.

For another, on the Nelson front, parking there has gotten a bit more challenging. For good reason, they changed the bike lane markings on Oak and took out a block of on street parking in the process. Then the Nelson upped the charge for parking from $5 to $8. So a few times I was going to take Mo there anyway the on street parking was scarce enough I just moved on.

But if you're a member at the Nelson, parking is free in the garage. Also, if you're a member, those traveling exhibits I usually pass on because they're $12 a person, you get to go in those with a guest. This individual membership turns out to be only $55. So when I took Mo through the Dutch masters exhibit today and parked in the garage, I could have paid $32, but instead I paid $55, tax deductible, and I can do it a bunch more through the year.

So after a long drought, museum-wise, we ended up doing the Kemper on Saturday and the Nelson on Sunday.

And while Mo always says no when I offer these places, she also goes and stands in front of or by selected pieces for me to take a picture. I'm 90% sure she's saying, "I like this one, get a picture of me by it."

Except the Haas 'Four Seasons' sculptures. I had to tell Mo to get in front of one of those. I don't know if she didn't like them or if they seemed scary to her or what.

Well, and the guard. She's posed mocking the guard pretty much every time we've been by him.

But in the Rembrandt and Vemeer anchored traveling display of Dutch masters, she kept going and standing by paintings and waiting for me to take the shot. But they don't allow photography in that exhibit, so I couldn't do it. Or else this blog would have a bunch of pictures of her standing by photo-realistic paintings of 17th Century Dutch people.

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