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Sunday, March 20, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Commute

So I had always avoided Westport on St. Patrick's Day. I thought I wouldn't like it. Overpriced Irish Car Bombs, a lot of noise and chaos, who needs it?

So imagine my surprise as I biked through it on the way home from work, when I realized I wish I'd taken the afternoon off so I could come play. Maybe the whole day.

As I was coming up Central, I could hear the No Doubt song Spiderwebs. At first, the echoes and muddle of the alleys, I couldn't tell if it was a stero blasting the CD or a cover band, but as I got closer I could tell it wasn't the studio recording anyway. I didn't know if No Doubt had ever released a live album, but I was thinking more likely a cover band. But a really kickass cover band.

Which is what it turned out to be. A kickass coverband with great costumes, from Green Simmons on bass to sexy-blingy Dorothy to Wonder Woman, to Devo, to Slash (I don't think I got a picture of the guitarist).

I had work to do when I got home so I didn't hang out as tempting as that was. Though I did get my Irish Car Bomb going, got a bomber of Guinness, an airplane bottle of Bailey's and of Jameson. Why should I, the bicycle commuter (and thus the only one not operating a motor vehicle), be the only sober person on the road?

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