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Monday, March 28, 2016

Marryin' Off Em

Wasn't that long ago that Em was a regular feature here in Lobster Land. By that I mean both this blog and my house. But Daddy's little girl has gone and growed up.

Back at Mo's birthday, Patrick took me aside to ask my permission to propose to her. It was a sweet gesture, but of course I really don't have a vote in this business. She's my kid, I fret about decisions she makes because I know how badly life can kick your ass when you make bad calls, but I can't expect her to listen to my advice any better than I've listened to my parents over the years. As far as my blessing, I have no problem with the lad, he'll probably make a fine husband. My only reservation is they're almost exactly the age me and Em's mother were when we got married (against the advice of family elders who thought we were too young). But when I think about what went right and wrong in my marriages, and in what I've observed in my friends and family, I don't see much correlation between age at the alter and marital success.

He offered to show me the ring when he asked me, he was so excited he forgot she was sitting in a car ten feet away. I told him to keep his powder dry, I'd see it on her finger if she said yes.

Of course she said yes. I don't think there was ever much doubt about that. So we had dinner the other night, they came up to my neighborhood and we had some excellent authentic Mex at Bonito Michoacan and they told me of the date, the venue, and so on. And I got to see the ring up close and personal.

They say they're going to pull the trigger on October 13, and I think that's a good sign. Thirteen has been a good number, it's the birthday of both of my daughters and my wife.

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