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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Someone's Really Not a Fan

So I locked my bike up outside Grinders for the Reverend Horton Heat show. They don't have much of a bike rack, as in they don't have one at all. But they had an electric box right by the gate, in a well lit place where bouncers would see someone hammering on your lock.

And someone had decorated it with not one but two stickers about Johnny Dare (if you're not local, he's got an FM morning radio show). Really hating on Johnny Dare. Personally, I like the show most of the time. Interviews with bands don't tend to be great radio, but the parody songs are fantastic and the oddball guests he's had on have often been truly hilarious (I think in particular of the guy who had sex with a dolphin, or the old woman in the nursing home with songs about abortion and venereal disease).

Johnny did pimp my employer after I delivered Buddy Lush Worldwide business cards a few years ago. I'm sure anecdotally there are people who can say he was a jerk to them about this or that, that's true with anybody, none of us are at our best 100% of the time. And being a public figure, when you're not at your best, it gets magnified, so I tend to discount the occasional claims of assholeness folks will drop in conversation if he comes up.

Anyway, I can understand someone not liking his sort of radio show, that's when you change channels, right? The radio is full of stuff I can't stand, I freaking hate Garrison Keillor, but I don't get stickers printed up defaming him, I just switch the station when I hear that droning voice.

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