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Friday, October 09, 2015

Polka Dots

So while my Royals lost game one of the ALDS, I drank a couple beers and polka-dotted my 2006 Scion xB.

I got the bumper stickers at cost through my work, 5" circles flooded with pink ink. Removable adhesive so in the unlikely event I decided to sell a working automobile for the first time in my life, I can peel this shit off. I guess in time the sun will fade the paint around the stickers, but the car is already nine years old so by the time that's a factor it will have nearly zero resale value anyway.

I was going to do this about a year ago when I got rear-ended and had to have a bunch of body work done. You're not supposed to put stickers on the paint for six to nine months, and I'm clear of that mark now.

I got some bubbles in the stickers, and the pattern isn't quite gridded out right, but I think I like the result.

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