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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Blue October

I'd kinda forgot how to care about baseball. I was terrible at it the limited amount of my childhood I pretended to play it, and that put a damper on my enthusiasm but for as long as I've been old enough to be aware of baseball, I've been rooting for the Royals and the Pirates. Royals is obviously an accident of geography, if I were born in Spain my first allegiance would probably be to some soccer team. Bucs I can't explain, I've never even been to Pittsburgh.

But growing up, Royals and Pirates were good teams. Great players. My teams won and lost the World Series back than. Then came a 25+ year stretch where if either developed someone even modestly talented, they ended up playing for the Yankees, Redsox, Tigers, the teams that spend like there's no tomorrow because there wasn't one today.

I've long wished for a Royals-Pirates World Series, this is the first year in my adult life where I can say it without cracking up, blowing soda out my nose.

It's a long road ahead to the World Series, I know. Pirates are a wild card, though this year (unlike the past two) they host that wild card game, and while home-field is a modest advantage in a series, it's epic in a one game shootout.

I know I lot of folks want an I-70 series rematch, but I find St. Louis annoying both as a Royals fan AND as a Pirates fan, so I want them to go down to the Pirates after my Bucs win the wild card tomorrow night.

Gotta quit this ranting and hit the sack so I can ride to work tomorrow, watch the NL Wild Card game at Chicago's, ride home, ride back Thursday and then catch the Royals on their first playoff game Thursday night. I try to get enough sleep, but I think MLB is about to make that freaking impossible.

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