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Friday, May 01, 2015

The Inevitable Vermin Supreme

I endorsed Vermin Supreme for President a few weeks ago, and having voted third party nearly my whole voting life, I've heard people say I'm throwing my vote away. And maybe so, but if you vote for a mainstream candidate, you're still throwing your vote away.

All our votes don't count, because powerful interests never fail to look out for their interests.

So throw your vote away for someone who promises you health insurance he can't really deliver, or throw it away for someone who will accidentally get in protracted, pointless wars? Why not throw it away on someone who promises to fund time travel research and to give every American a free pony when he is elected?

I thought I was alone in my enthusiasm for Vermin Supreme, but I've been seeing his campaign stickers all over town. On the ceiling in the bathroom at Broadway Cafe, on the condom machine in the men's at Buzzard Beach, in bus stops, on light poles, on Scion xB's, in the Crossroads, the skate park, Vermin's supporters are freaking everywhere!

This is exactly the kind of grass roots support that brought Obama into the White House, so better start shopping around for a barn, you're less than two years away from your free pony.

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