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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vermin Supreme for President!

A friend of mine was whining about how he couldn't vote for anyone in 2016 because he can't vote Republican (understood), can't vote Libertarian (I don't know why not, I've done so for over twenty years), and can't vote for Hillary.

I'm not sure what his beef with Hillary is, for my own part it's just that she stands for nothing I'm in favor of. Really, as far as I can tell, she stands solely for 'Hillary should be in charge.'

There's worse things a President can be for, like invading the wrong fucking country and committing your military to a ten year campaign guaranteed to put the country at greater risk of terrorism and supply a steady stream of beheading videos on the internet. So yes, I think Hillary is a useless cunt but so far even if you can give Fox News types their side of Benghazi, she's approximately 1000 times less deadly to Americans than W. was.

But if you want a candidate you can really get behind, you don't need to cast your fishing line in the main stream. Dozens of people run for President every time. In the end of this video, Vermin Supreme follows instructions from Jesus to make Randall Terry gay by sprinkling him with fairy dust.

Yes, that Randall Terry, Summer of Love, Operation Rescue, big time anti-abortion guy, he apparently runs for President as a Democrat these days in order to provide an alternative to Lyndon LaRouche as far as being some fucker no actual Democrat would ever vote for.

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