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Monday, April 06, 2015

Fear & Ignorance

I blocked someone on Facebook today, not something I normally do. I'm pretty easy going, never made it a rule that people had to agree with me to be friends.

I had posted a status criticizing Sam Brownback, the idiot Kansas elected governor. I shouldn't really call Sam stupid, implying he has an intellectual disability actually insults the intellectually disabled. The guy is actually evil.

Case in point, he signs this law that says as of July 1, Kansans will no longer need a permit to carry concealed weapons. I'm all for concealed carry, and I'm glad it's an option now (it wasn't years ago when I felt I needed it). And I'm not panicking about this law, but it's a stupid law. Yes, you actually should have to meet a bar at least as high as for driving a car to carry a gun around. You should, for that matter, probably have to carry minimum liability coverage for your gun.

But anyway, I knew I risked the ire of gun nuts posting about it. Fine. Like I say, you don't have to agree with me for us to be friends, and I have plenty of gun nuts among those I consider friends. But this friend of a friend on Facebook, he launches into me that I should probably go to China if that's how I feel. I'd probably like it better there.

Excuse me? Leaving aside the fact that I've probably never said a kind word about the government of China (quite the opposite, don't even get me started), I had just posted a blunt criticism of the governor of my state. And said that while I didn't wish he'd get shot by someone carrying an unlicensed but completely legal concealed handgun, that I would laugh and laugh if it came to pass.

One of the reasons I think the Chinese government needs to be completely destroyed is you can get jailed and worse for saying shit like that over there.

But this guy just wouldn't let go, and his next tirade was about how gun control was a slippery slope. 'You don't think China got that way over night do you?'

Well...uh, yeah. Pretty much. Mao wasn't some liberal who worked his way up from a city council office, gradually building to the Cultural Revolution. But I guess it doesn't work as well to tell someone they're on a slippery slope to being a hell-hole like Australia, the United Kingdom or Canada. Because whatever their flaws, those places aren't actually hell-holes, are they?

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