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Saturday, May 02, 2015

First First Friday in a Long Damn Time

A lot of people turned out for First Friday this lovely May 1. The weather was perfect, upper 60s, and there were several festival type things coinciding with it, creating a synergy of people milling around in the streets. I don't know how people who do it by car can stand it, I've tried it that way and it's a huge drag trying to find a place to stow your vehicle and fight your way in and out of the Crossroads.

But by bike, First Fridays are a blast. I was actually down by the river when Corinna called asking me where I was. I had kinda skipped First Fridays in favor of some long exposures down at the river, and Corinna was, 'No, don't you ditch me, this is my first First Friday in a long damn time.' And I had to go meet up with her because she's right She used to be a fixture there before the crash.

The handful of shots I did get off the tripod were only so-so anyway, plus I was missing out on free food and beer.

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