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Saturday, May 23, 2015

National Orange Popsicle Week

So I was riding home from work and I was riding hard, making good time and on a bit of a deadline. Corinna had been taking care of Mo all day and I needed to get home and relieve her so she could get a workout in and blow off some steam. My usual route home by bike used to take me down Brookside Boulevard until I got to Ward Parkway, then I'd turn left and cut over to JC Nichols Parkway which becomes Broadway as you go north. I did this for years until I realized that Main was actually a better street coming up from the Plaza. So now I generally take Brookside Boulevard and stick with it as it becomes Main. It's a climb from 47th up to the American Century complex but it's six lanes and the outside lane is more or less a bus lane so you have more breathing room from cars most of the time.

As I started my climb, I noticed the Nichols fountain (with the horses) was dyed orange. This I couldn't figure, if anything I would think it would be blue since the Cardinals were in town for an inter-league stand against the Royals. Pink for breast cancer, what is orange? I had to find out. Which meant figuring a U-turn on a six lane arterial in rush hour. Could it be worth it?

National Orange Popsicle Week. They were giving away orange popsicles and trying to promote awareness of stroke in young people. I knew young people can have strokes, same as heart attacks, but then I had a heart attack at 32 myself (and was in cardiac rehab with a 27 year old). I guess the founder of this group had a stroke in her early 20s and the first thing she asked for when she could speak again was an orange popsicle.

I guess there are worse things you could build awareness around. She could have asked for three fingers of Scotch and a cigar, right? Maybe a margarita with a salty rim and a can of Pringles.

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