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Sunday, October 05, 2014

September Critical Mass

September's Critical Mass featured absolutely perfect weather, lots of fun.

And while I had the thought that I'd just seen these people the week before at Pub N Pedal, there was less overlap than I'd have expected between the two crowds. I had a long chat with Elizabeth who I hadn't seen since my wedding over two years ago, and there was James with his mobile break dancing studio (an amp powered by a car battery with an inverter in a bike trailer), Travis on his very tall bike, etc.

Actually Travis and this lovely blond girl kind of had a dance off with James at Grand Slam. The girl really knew how to dance, as in I'd believe it if she told me she was a professional or a dance teacher, she was that good. Travis, on the other hand, does the worm.

I know I've said it here before, but it bears repeating. Critical Mass is just about as much fun as you can have with a bike.

Half party, half protest, half parade, half not that good at fractions.

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