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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Royals vs. Pirates World Series (I Can Dream)

I'm not a big baseball fan, having a zero batting average the year I played the game as a kid didn't help (nor did the games queer practice of tracking 'errors'—which don't directly affect the score yet are still put on the scoreboard to remind you how bad you suck at fielding). But being a Royals fan in the AL and a Pirates fan in the NL, that has just added insult to injury for the past couple of decades.

No, I don't know why I'm a Pirates fan, I've never even been to Pittsburgh, but there it is.

So I predicted to everyone I could that the Royals would beat the Pirates in game 7 of the World Series this year. Last night, the Royals advanced out of the wild card in an amazing twelve inning affair. My boss, who is in his late 70s and an avid baseball fan, said it's bar none the best game he's ever been at.

The Buccos are just taking the field as I post this, here's hoping they at least advance my grand vision of a Pirates-Royals World Series a notch tonight. I won't root against them until they're playing the Royals. I guess because I'm from Kansas City.

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