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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

River Market Tags

It'd been a while since I focused on the tags in the River Market area, and I happened to be passing through with enough time to do so. 'Craze' over the train tracks has replaced a tag, if I recall correctly, that read 'Fart.'

I do wonder how some taggers pick their words. I didn't have time to get my camera out and capture it, but the other day on the way to work I spotted a rail car that had the tag 'Obese' on its side.

Some artists seem to stick to iterations of a single word, others draw characters or other subjects and then sign them. But what would your one word be if it was you?

I feel like I'm maybe too incapable of concise communication to distill myself down to a single word. I might be able to manage a phrase, 'Midwest Rock Lobster,' for instance. 'Carpe Brewski,' 'Nuclear Wisdom,' I don't know, maybe the best I could do is 'Foolkiller,' that's been an idée fix with me since I was maybe 13.

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