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Friday, June 14, 2013

Judo Party

We haven't been back to Judo lately, but we did attend a Judo food orgy, uh, I mean pot luck.

Corinna worried about the maount of Feta I put on the sautéed asparagus I brought saying that a lot of these Judo people really watch what they eat. Maybe they do when it comes to the training table, but as far as I can tell when it comes to a party...

I've forgotten the name of the blind Judo athlete I met at the party. He's training for the Paralympics. When offered another beer at one point, he said, 'Sure, it's not as if my driving skill gets worse when I drink...'

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Robin said...

Bravo for the blind guy (whatever his name may be)! Reminds me o' my friend Linda in NY(the one who used to read her Braille Playboy on the commuter train and bitch about the lack of foldouts) who was told at a party that she had to drive home because she was too drunk to sing.