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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Critical Mass the Musical

Acutally, it was just critical mass, not a musical. But it occurred to me the other evening, talking with Em about Broadway musicals that there seems to be a musical for everything. Why not bikes?

It's the perfect fodder for a broadway musical, I think.

What's the basis of story? Conflict, right?

And what could be more conflict-laden than urban cycling? You've got your cagers, commuters, cool kids on fixies, roadies, bike thieves, liquor store owners who don't want us drinking in their parking lot, couriers, cops (we drew an unusually vigorous police presence at May's Critical Mass). There's all sorts of conflict.

Plus you could work in all kinds of bike stunts as part of the choreography, fixies ridden backwards, trials work, jumps, etc.

And with my friend James, you could justify bringing break-dancing into the picture, too. And his chopper-style bike.

There was a fixie rider I met one time, and when I commented that his bike was innocent of brakes he scoffed, 'Brakes are for stopping.' I think that could be a song.

Not to mention fat bikes and Big Wheels for grown ups, there's a song in that, I'm pretty sure: "I Got a Case of the Look-At-Me's."

I can picture the guys who think they should get bonus points for saving the planet along with the guy who doesn't get why he should share the road with these bikes, they're making him late and he did his part, his SUV is a hybrid after all.

All that's left for me to do is write two hours of music and some decent lyrics. I'll never want for characters, that's for sure, I know so many that are better than anyone you find in the average Broadway musical...

The song titles just keep coming. 'Massholes,' 'Give Me Three Feet,' 'Happy Friday,' 'One Less Car/One Less Bike' (a duet between a cager and cyclist)...

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