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Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Minute Asparagus

I took Mo out to Pendleton Farms to get more asparagus crowns. I became convinced that the ones we'd planted were done all wrong given our conditions and I didn't want to start over from scratch next year (again).

Lovely place, they've got the farmer's market and greenhouse thing going as well as the pick-your-own. As long as we were there, why not?

So in addition to another dozen crowns to plant above grade in a third bed of asparagus (maybe it will all thrive and we'll be lousy with fresh asparagus in a few years), me and Mo went and picked a couple of pounds. And bought a pound of purple that was harvested already, and got some peppers to fill holes int he garden and some tomatoes to hold us over until we have some to harvest.

After we'd harvested and I asked about a dozen purple crowns, the girl said, "I gave you a couple extra. It's pretty late. They still look good, but get them in the ground right away."

I asked if there was anything unusual I needed to do since I was planting these late in the season and she said, "Pray." She was clear they were viable, and that they were even still planting the last of their crowns on the farm. I planted them that afternoon. I prayed, too.

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