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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tomatosaurus Rex 2012

Of course I'm growing tomatoes again this year. And peppers, basil (three types), and then there's Corinna's contributions (which is the majority of the garden, actually).

This one runty tomato plant is actually the source of the one ripe fruit we've had so far. A sickly thing I didn't think was going to pull through, especially after I pruned its diseased limbs (they were a clear majority). I hope it grows up and goes to college because it was a great bicolored fruit. I don't know what variety, the chaos of our nuptials meant that the things got transplanted in what amounted to an emergency operation by my bride, and my standard anal-retentive mapping system was abandoned at the triage desk.

We also put in some asparagus, though half of it didn't make it. We think we want at least one of the back beds to be dedicated to that delectable crop.

We also grew peas, which were planted in a similarly haphazard fashion by me. I didn't really weed or dig up the crabgrass I should have. We had a few peas, and they were a delight. Maybe next year I'll get out properly early and really get that stuff going. Maybe some spinach and so forth as well.

We put in some blueberry beds this year, and there's a few raspberries eking out an existence on the perimeter of our front beds. Oh, and some grapes, too.

We have blackberries in abundance, so with a little luck in a year or two we'll have an equally embarrassing bumper crop of blueberries, grapes and raspberries.

We argue a bit about watering. The fist year I grew heirloom tomatoes, I think I watered three times. If you make the plants set down some deep roots, they need far less watering than you'd think. Then after last year's disastrous first plantings and semi-disastrous replanting, I realized that maybe I need to give these suckers just a little more attention than I did that first year.

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