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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My girl is wicked tough. She went to the Olympics in Judo, a sport I don't really even understand myself except it involves grappling and she's good at that. She gets itchy for a rumble sometimes, so she went to a community center thing that was doing Sambo. Which is like Russian Judo, slightly different spelling and quite the shift in visual references. She told me after that grappling sports are perfect for people who want to test who is better without danger of hurting anyone. One of the guys she introduced me to had noticeable, fresh black eyes. Yeah, she said. Some people bruise easily. I thought of the movie 'Hunt for Red October,' the protagonist muttering 'A lot of things around here don't react too well to bullets. Like ME!' Of course, in the world of combat sports, black eyes and cauliflower ear aren't really injuries, they're just the price of admission.

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