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Monday, June 25, 2012

Airshow Barbie

I took Mo to the vintage aircraft show because it was right around the corner from her sister's play practice.

The old planes are interesting, and I enjoy trying to shoot them creatively. It's tricky trying to capture the motion, the colors, the sense of perspective.

One of the planes appeared to be a gocart for the sky, barely big enough for a man to sit in or on. It had a 'half VW engine.' Two of the four cylinders you'd find in a 60s bug.

Even some of the more substantial looking machines have less horsepower than my Scion xB.

The most interesting thing, though, wasn't really the planes. And it was only sort of this model.

She's not my type at all, but what was interesting was her working with this photographer who was out there, Booker T. Brown. I don't know if she's an aspiring model who hired him to take some portfolio shots or if he hired her to take shots he could sell or what. I just know I couldn't resist poaching a few shots off whatever they were doing.

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