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Monday, March 05, 2012

Seussically Speaking

We went on the Three O'Clock ride, with the plan that we'd ditch the group in time to come home, fix dinner and get to Bishop Ward's production of Seussical the Musical.

For a couple of months, we've passed the signs for this play, and I think each time Em has asked if we could go see it.

Every time I answered in the affirmative. Our original plans included her having a sleepover with some of her classmates, but that didn't seem to work out. I won't say it's a class thing, but I grew up in Johnson County and I know the map a lot of folks there rely on shows the edge of the world guarded by serpents and dragons at 47th Street (aka County Line Road).

I almost had a meltdown on the ride back from the Three O'Clock. I'd lost track of time and realized around the time we were at St. John and Belmont that it'd taken us ninety minutes to get where we were and we had barely over an hour to get back.

It wouldn't be the first time I was tardy getting back from a bike ride, but it would mean Em missing a musical she's been begging to see. Something I'd promised.

Quick stop for groceries on the way back, though I was so beside myself no stop could have been quick enough, and as we approached home, Corinna took the groceries that were on my bike and we split up so I could go get tickets and she could get dinner going.

I wasn't sure how widely attended Bishop Ward's musicals were, but I wasn't in the mood to risk it. As I approached the school I realized I had no cash. I knew there wouldn't be any debit card swiper at a high school musical ticket table, so I had to ride to an ATM to make a withdrawal and then back to the school.

My anxiety was misplaced: when I arrived with cash at the door, it was about three minutes before they were supposed to open the doors. I got the tix and got back home in time for us to eat together and walk up to the school for the show.

What a fun musical. The costumes alone were worth it.

The content of the musical is absolutely awesome, the immovably contrary Horton who won't back down even to a Sour Kangaroo and Judge Yertle the Turtle, the parents who want to know what to do about their child who keeps thinking, it's great stuff.

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