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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back in the Pink

I remember a movie I saw on TV as a kid, black & white, Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Okay, I don't really remember the movie except it was about a boxer who died by mistake, or someone else who died by mistake and a boxer took over his body or something like that.

It was a long time ago, and especially as I kid I had trouble tracking black & white movies most of the time. Except I remember this phrase the protagonist had for being in shape: 'in the pink.'

I'm sure I don't meet that definition of the phrase, but I am indeed back in the pink. When I met Corinna, she had a pink helmet mohawk made of tulle. It was awesome. Not long after we started dating, she gave me one just like it.

After awhile the things faded out, and she made a new one for herself out of some fine-textured pink tulle that I just didn't dig. She got a bunch of it when she bought it, so if I wanted to match I should have just made one out of that stuff, but I didn't like it.

When I went to buy some large-gauge, coarse tulle, I thought maybe purple for the color. So then we were riding with different colors and textures, and while anyone outside us would say they were pretty much the same thing I didn't feel like they were.

So we were in the grocery store the other day and they had shower scrubbies in a bin for a buck. I was in a shit mood, no interest in retail at all, but Corinna tipped the display over and started rooting around for pink ones.

She was right: shower scrubbies are texturally the same but most of the sewing is already done for you. And these had little cubes of colored sponge embedded in them for extra clownish density.

So last weekend I sewed two sets of three together and zip-tied them to our helmets to restore symmetry and geometry to our romance.

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