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Friday, March 16, 2012


I didn't know the Comets were still a team. I remember going once or twice when I was a kid and they were the Kansas City Comets playing at Kemper Arena.

Same sport, same strange basketball-style scoring and team size, even the same synthesizer generated theme song.

But now they're the Missouri Comets and they play at the Independence Events Center, which is just like Kemper if you took out the overpriced parking and the shitty seats (there's no upstairs at this arena).

Mo dug the action and Corinna marveled that the players' level of play. She's played a bit of soccer and knows what it looks like when it's played well. I don't understand soccer or the appeal of soccer, so maybe I was more distractable than usual. Which is pretty damned distractable.

I don't remember cheerleaders when I went to the comets as a kid, but they had them here. Actually, they seemed to have a couple of squads, and one went away and another came but I couldn't see where their counterparts had gone.

The cheerleaders were the best part of the show. One in particular. I don't mean because she's a looker, that's a given, pretty much all cheerleaders make good eye candy. But this one was the busiest, most enthusiastic cheerleader I've seen in a long time. I knew photography was hopeless: I was too far away, in too little light and her moving like a dervish.

But I couldn't help myself. After trying to catch her by skill alone I set the ISO up to the max and let the camera take bursts as fast as it would. Which isn't fast, really, with my camera, but I got a couple of shots that at least show you how hard this girl was working for the next-to-no-money indoor soccer cheerleaders probably get paid.

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