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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bus Monkeys (Wreck of the Edmund Fitz-Wal-Mart)

Me and Mo went to a movie on her spring break. She had some birthday money I was at a bit of a loss as to how to spend. It's been so long since I took her to the movies, though, she quit asking. It's expensive, but she loves it.

So what better to spend your birthday money on?

The first choice was The Lorax, but it wasn't showing downtown. John Carter was, however.

We walked down to the bus stop and must have just missed the 101 because it was a pretty long wait, but she did fine with that part. Then, as we were riding across to the Missouri side, I was pointing out the neighborhoods as we went through them and Mo thought it was hilarious that a neighborhood was called the 'West Bottoms.'

Because it has 'bottoms' in its name. It is an interesting image, the butts, but only the 'west' ones.

Mo has been really into a video with a reference to the 'love monkey.' And she started appropriating that to other things: we were waiting for Corinna at the T-Mobile store, and Mo said something about Corinna being a 'Done Monkey.'

I guess it's kind of like that song, 'Code Monkey.'

So as we used the transit system, we became 'bus monkeys.'

The next day, I rode downtown from work and met Corinna and the girls at the Steamboat Arabia museum. They were bus monkeys that day, but I was a bike monkey, I guess.

The things they recovered from the steamboat wreck, really, were a mid-Nineteenth Centry Wal-Mart. Including 'trade' guns and beads which weren't from China but rather places like Belgium. At the time, that was where cheap, barely good enough consumer goods came from.

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