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Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Ongoing Crisis

So Comey's testimony in the Senate today, yeah. After seeing the dumpster fires on Facebook and the like, I pulled up McCain's questioning of the traduced FBI director on YouTube. Holy shit.

I mean, I'm not a member of the John McCain Fan Club, but he's normally coherent even when he's wrong. He's one of the guys on Capitol Hill I tend to think have some integrity even when I disagree with them. But watching this, I wondered if he'd braced himself with a few martinis before this session. He keeps hammering on the same basic question, and no matter what Comey does to explain that the Hillary email investigation he (inappropriately) declared closed last July was a separate deal from the current investigation into Russian campaign meddling and the Trump campaign colluding with it are two separate investigations.

In case you're drunk or otherwise intellectually disabled/impaired, here's a handy chart showing the overlap between Hillary's email server and the totally different investigation into how an FSB asset became Commander in Chief. It's only in John McCain's mind. He seems like an old, demented idiot who's confused by the information that maybe a new, even worse, version of Nixon might be guilty of obstructing justice when his term hasn't even lost its New President Smell.

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