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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hen-House Warming Hootenanny

So my friend Rachel moved in to this place a few months ago and forgot to have a housewarming party. But now she's got chickens, so they had a housewarming.

Our neck of the woods, KCK, is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Kansas City metro area. It makes no sense, it's perfectly livable and the eastern end of it where Westheight and Strawberry Hill are, very centrally located. And dirt cheap. A house you can grab in Brookside or Midtown for a quarter million dollars might fetch $70,000. Cuz no respect, like I say.

Actually I think Strawberry Hill is starting to get some cachet.

The chickens were a hit. One guest even came dressed as one. The chickens, in turn, were so excited they laid extra eggs. Or maybe that was a coincidence, but when someone opened the coop and commented that there were three eggs, Rachel was like, I already got two out of there today.

Corinna's been making preparations for chickens at our little urban farmstead. Of course, being Corinna she doesn't think in terms of a couple of chickens, her default setting is start with six chicks (the max according to local laws), plus a rabbit hutch and bluegill pond. I'm no different, the first year I grew tomatoes I felt constrained to 20 plants, if I'd had the budget for it at the time my enthusiasm would have easily led to 80 or 100.

And obviously I had fun with my camera. I kind of wished I'd brought my guitar though the broken right index finger would make picking tricky. Especially when others did bring their axes and of course Rachel plays banjo and bass.

I didn't get good shots of half my favorite people because the light got so low the camera wouldn't focus.

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