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Friday, June 16, 2017


So I set out to ride 70 miles last Saturday, RAGBRAI is coming up fast and my conditioning ain't what it was two years ago. My friend Michelle was having a bicycle pub crawl birthday party that evening, so I figured I'd try to include that in it. Between the heat, wind and social interactions, I got to the Red Front where the wild rumpus was to begin exhausted. And with text messages from my wife to bring home groceries.

I ended up at home with barely over 60 miles, having bailed on my friend's party without even getting a good photo of her. I got a couple of our mutual friends pretty good, Pete and Ann, but Michelle doesn't dig being photographed and it takes some time and frames to get her with her guard down. I guess given how she feels about being photographed, my birthday present to her is her picture isn't in this blog post.

It's not much of a gift, it would have been better if I hadn't burned myself out before the party.

Oh, and I got a pic of the new sculpture in the West Bottoms, Confluence. I'm not sure I get it but I think I like it.

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