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Monday, May 01, 2017

Local Treasures

I popped for a membership to the Nelson-Atkins last year, but the visit I bought it on was one of those kinda burnout situations. The friend we took with us that day had never been, and she got a scooter because one of the reasons she'd never gone is she isn't physically able to do that much walking.

So after that marathon, where we came about as close to seeing the whole thing in one day as I'm ever going to get, that membership didn't get used so much for a while. The membership gets you in to the various ticketed exhibits and covers parking in their garage, which is eight bucks otherwise (and on-street parking around the place is very limited).

But the last few months I've been trying to make more frequent but short trips with Mo. It's much more enjoyable when you spend a half hour to an hour, just kind of pick a wing and do that.

It's a remarkable thing for a city of half a million people (or more like two million if you figure metro area), to have a museum of this caliber. It's not the Art Institute in Chicago or the Met in New York, but the Bloch addition by itself is about the same square footage as Museo del Prado in Madrid, and the collections are high quality. And where I shelled out $18 when I hit the Modern Wing in Chicago a few years back (and it was worth it, not complaining), anyone can walk into the Nelson, it's strictly suggested donation.

It was pretty busy, a touch crowded in places, but shouldn't it be? Actually, given what's on offer for basically free, there should probably be twice as many people wandering these galleries.

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