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Monday, May 29, 2017

Aleš Juvanc

So I'm just out for a ride, trying to get my body in shape for RAGBRAI, blowing off some steam from the weekend, enjoying my bike. And I spot a guy who's obviously out on tour.

Aleš Juvanc from Slovenia. Says so right on his kit, he was asking me how far to Kansas and I'm like maybe a mile (we were in the River Market). He needed to clip a corner of Kansas to check a box on his LA to Quebec tour, and he was trying to make it to Odessa tonight.

He asked about taking I-70 to Odessa, which I thought was strange. If he's ridden from LA, by now he's got to be aware of the prohibition against bikes on interstates. But he looks like the real thing, split lips and all. Said he's ridden 75 countries so far. Which is really cool.

He seemed surprised, looking at my bike, that I wasn't on tour. I was just on a grocery run if you get right down to it. I'd extended it to get a few more hills and such but yeah, I was just getting cooking oil and salad dressing. On my Long Haul Trucker with front and back racks.

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