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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Critical Mass May

The best party ever, we meet at Scumfresh on the last Friday of the month and hilarity ensues. I'd made spoke cards for six straight months last year and got spooked when several people asked me if I was the organizer.

I'm like, I don't even fully accept responsibility for my actions at this event. There isn't an organizer, it's not organized.

A lot of folk have too much faith in organization. In authority. When I tell them Critical Mass goes where the rider up front goes unless the rider behind decides that's bullshit (and literally, this is how the route is determined), the general reaction is 'how does that work?' Very well, actually.

As I put it on my May 2017 spoke card, it's 'half party, half parade, half protest, half bad at fractions.'

I had to make spoke cards this month, last month when people were asking me why I hadn't, before I could explain about the theoretical liability issues, someone asked, 'Do you need contributions to the spoke card fund?'

The question kind of caught me off guard, I don't make money off the spoke cards, I just make them and give them away.

So if people are liking the cards enough they'd pay to keep them coming, how can I not show up with cards?

So I did. I made 80 cards, ran out pretty early actually. I think we had around 150 riders total this time

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