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Monday, October 10, 2016

A Sort of Anniversary

Six years ago today I met my soulmate, Corinna West. I sustained the injuries in my current FB profile pick (see my blog post from back then) and more (my left rotator cuff still isn't 100% right and I broke two fingers among other things).

It wasn't her fault. and Vance Preman got me a settlement that at least didn't make me feel screwed in the end. I wouldn't eat that grate again for another check like that, but I was more or less made whole. And after another friend got a settlement for a broken jaw from the same grate a bunch of really dangerous grates got changed all over town, so that's progress.

Anyway, as banged up as I was, it was worth it because riding the Three O'Clock/Acme ride with her before seeking medical attention gave her the entirely mistaken impression that I'm tough.

Anyway, at the block party the other day, a neighbor asked me how long we'd been together and I thought about it for a minute and said, 'Six years, but it doesn't feel like it's that long.' She said in Mexico (she'd know, since her husband is from there), they have saying about long marriages: "It feels like just five minutes...under water."

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