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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Glass (Well, New to Me)

I've been wanting Nikon's 105mm Micro f2.8 for, oh, since I got my D700 a little over four years ago. And a used one is finally mine. I think of it as new, but it's really just new to me. It's old enough it doesn't have the gold lettering Nikon uses these days, but it's new enough it works with my camera as far as autofocus.

It's a macro lens (though Nikon calls it 'micro') for shooting up close and personal and getting super detailed shots. I haven't played with it much yet in that role but I shot a few 'product shots' this evening with some Tank 7 I was about to drink and some Mineragua I was also about to suck down.

So I had fun playing with my new glass. New to me. I'm pretty sure this lens is actually like 20 years old but it's in perfect working order and crystal clear, maybe the clearest I have in my stable so far.

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