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Monday, July 11, 2016

Little Whitey-One-Bites

Unlike Harold and Kumar, I don't have to get baked to want White Castles. There are textures and flavors that go on with the real thing (and no, microwaved frozen ones just don't cut it).

Actually, there are two things that are awesome about a sack of Sliders: the warm sliders fresh from the drive through window are a delight of their own. This is why we go to White Castle. Then, there's the delight of next morning White Castles, straight out of the fridge, still cold, dipped in ample amounts of ketchup. The buns have dried a bit, the pickle is crisper again, and the flavors and textures of that morning after slider are a treat of their own. Right up there with cold fried chicken and leftover pizza straight out of the box in the fridge.

I have a special place in my heart (and waistline) for foods like this, and there's only a few of them, that are just freaking awesome fresh & hot, and then become an amazing delight cold and leftover.

I hadn't had a proper Slider since...October, 2009 when I spent several days bumming around Chicago and sleeping on my friend Heather's boat. So on my way to judge beer at the Indiana Brewers' Cup, as I entered the St. Louis area I started watching those blue signs on the highway for that logo. Pay dirt! Bingo! Yahtzee! Alas, I didn't order enough to have a cold Slider breakfast the next morning, but at least I scratched that itch. The chain started in Wichita, so I'm not sure what explains the fact that you have to go to Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, etc., to take home a sack.

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