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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More 105mm Fun

I was going to bike to work today but that 4:30 alarm, I didn't even hear it. I woke up about time to get on the bike, snoozed another twenty minutes and ended up putting my bike on the car figuring I'd ride home and back in tomorrow. But then the round trips, I started to figure out the remainder of the week, and I realized I could either drive home this evening, or one of the other two evenings I planned to ride, and both of those seemed to be worse options. So I drove home, utilizing the car to close gaps faster to scout a few spots to take test shots with the new long lens.

I picked up a second hand (and pretty old I think), 105mm f2.8 prime lens for my D7000. The car actually kinda sucks for scouting shooting spots. Bikes get into places cars can't, park places cars can't, and your approach is slow enough to pick up on details and options you just miss in the car. But if you're going to predetermined locations, the car does cover the ground between faster.

The lighting wasn't great, either, this time of year the sun is still too high during rush hour. And of the 68 frames I shot, I have this little dribble to share. This lens, like my Tokina 11-16mm ultra-wide, is one of those lenses that's perfect for a few situations, and kinda useless for everything else.

As bad as I think some of my photographs turn out, I have to say, they are a vast, vast improvement over the 'major' parties' conventions, the supposedly 'two' parties we have to choose from when I could quickly list three others who would be better right off even if I disagree with a lot of their core values. Jill Stein, infinitely better than Hillary Clinton. Gary Johnson, no contest, better than anyone you've heard of and at least 30 you haven't. Vermin Supreme, hell, he's better than anyone. The Constitution Party, the U.S. Peace and Justice Party, even the Prohibition Party, any of these guys are preferable to Hillary or the Hairpiece Who Must Not Be Named (we've had lots of good jokes about why settle for the lesser evil, vote for Cthulu, but Trump has kinda called our bluff on that gag).

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