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Monday, July 06, 2015

Smoker Bread

The oven's broken, but Corinna felt the need to make bread. She combined the last of a mulberry-rhubarb cobbler, a graham cracker crust, some white chocolate chips, coconut cream, high gluten wheat flour from the Amish store, rye flour, and I built a fire in the smoker.

I was a little afraid that it'd have too pronounced a smoke flavor, but it turned out really well. Fine texture, great flavor, not really noticeably smoky. I guess because it's only in there an hour. Try as I might to get the temperature up to 350ºF, I only managed 300ºF. I only used about half the charcoal I would if I was really loading the smoker up, which might have been too much fuel but I was hoping to get it hotter. I didn't have a lot of meat on hand, but I did have a pork loin roast I put on after the bread came off. And I guess not getting it super hot made it easier to seal up and get the temp down closer to 200ºF for the pork.

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