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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Rocket Lobster Strikes Again

At one time, I was commonly greeted as 'Rocket Man' by people in Gardner.

But I haven't flown in years. I keep meaning to, but when my kids turned on it, I guess it lost some of its charm for me. That and cycling takes up a lot of the time I used to devote to building, painting, and flying these things. But my nephew who just turned five, he's the perfect age to take flying rockets.

I actually started these builds four or five years ago and am just not finishing them up. I have the makings for more in the basement but I thought I'd start with these that aren't a start from scratch situation. I think I still have two flyable models down there in addition to these two, so that'll give me a fleet of four plus my nephew's rocket. That's a good outing.

The biggest dilemma is motors. Clawed the Impaler, the lobster-claw-finned one, is heavy enough I might fly him on a composite E, and I think those age pretty well. But I have a lot of black powder motors that are easily five years old and I'm not sure I'm keen on risking my rockets to black powder that old. It's not a safety issue so much as I want the rockets back in flying shape and it seems like old motors are more likely to cato on ignition or have faulty recover charges (which results in a lawn dart).

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