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Friday, March 27, 2015

Public Service Stickers

I made these prototypes but I don't think I'm going to release them into the wild. They're on permanent adhesive label stock.

A proper bumper sticker is printed on stock with a removeable adhesive that won't harm car paint. That's because Gill Studios realized back in the day that fucking up a car's paint job was bad for the bumper sticker biz.

And it would likewise be bad bike advocacy if someone has to spend a bunch of time and denatured alcohol type products to get one of these off their car. Parking in the bike lane is an asshole thing to do, but if all they can remember is what a dick the cyclist who stickered their car was, well, that's not a step in the right direction.

The text at the bottom reads: "My Mom probably raised me better, but I did. Being an inconsiderate jerk didn't get me a ticket, though, just this snazzy bumper sticker. Maybe I will learn."

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