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Friday, January 09, 2015

Truly, Je Suis Charlie

I know it's politically incorrect to make fun of any religious perspective, and in the aftermath of the hideous and cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo, maybe more, but fuck that.

These tabloid covers are from my first 'real job,' a right wing tabloid newspaper publisher. Right wing, tabloid and newspaper, these are are not a profitable combination, even in pre-internet days.

I won't claim I agree with all of these covers, but some, yes. Pat Buchanan cannot be allowed to be our next f├╝hrer, and we sure as shit don't need another Bush or Clinton in the White House. Rich Nadler, the editor in chief, was a sort of Republican, but there were a lot of libertarians involved with K.C. Jones, and Rich probably would have been a Libertarian if the LP wasn't such an ineffectual cluster fuck, politically speaking. He thought the best way to advance these ideas was to influence the Republican party.

We put Emmanual Cleaver on the cover in a dress quite a bit, I guess. And Ross Perot as the Statue of Liberty setting fire to the Constitution. We ran cartoons and covers that I'm certain offended all manner of people.

But like I say, these bearded idiots executing French political cartoonists and the staff they work with, I want to tell them to quit being pussies and grow up. I can make fun of your religion, you can make fun of mine, man up, shooting people over this is a sign of disgusting immaturity. If your prophet is so great, what's he even care what someone things about him? Some have suggested that Charlie Hebdo covers were the equivalent of anti-semitic in the way they skewered Islam, and it might even be true. But even Nazis and the Klan have free speech rights and have just as much right to live as you do.

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