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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kansas Child Support Rip-Off

Not long ago, I was asked for a voided check and had trouble coming up with one. I have a checkbook, I just didn’t know where the hell it was. Who writes checks?

For years now, I’ve been paying child support online through the Kansas Payment Center website. It’s convenient, just fill out a few forms, the money comes straight out of your account, and I think it goes fairly directly to the artist formerly known as Frau Lobster for the maintenance and upkeep up honyocks.

I only just noticed, though, they’ve been hitting me with a $16 fee every time I do this. A convenience charge. In other words, the state of Kansas is charging me for their convenience. Sure, paying online is easier for me, but I’m also saving them from opening an envelope, processing a check, crediting it to the proper account and so on.

What an outrageous rip-off. I’m saving them at least as much trouble as they’re saving me, no doubt saving them money, too. The thanks I get is to be robbed to the tune of $192 per year. Spread the word, never pay Kansas child support online.

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