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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chwistmuss Lights

I see people riding with cool Christmas lights on their bikes, and I wanted the same. My first attempt to buy such off Amazon yielded a string of LED lights with a freaking 110 volt outlet plug (the item name included 'bicycle lights' go figure). At seven bucks, they were too cheap to bother returning, I strung them on my desk at work for a little holiday color there.

My second attempt at least came with a battery pack. But they're white and not that many of them. And not that bright. Describing them, I feel a vague racist joke coming on.

At Cranksgiving, I asked a guy who had really kickass Christmas lights on his bike where he got them, and his answer was, 'Target.' So the plan now is to hit a Target store this coming Friday, see if I can't pick up some better Christmas lights for next year on after-holiday clearance.

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