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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Part I

My Mom decided she wanted to have Christmas the Saturday before since it's on a Thursday this year. Which is fine, even if it's technically not even Festivus yet.

It's become kind of a tradition that my Mom cooks fried chicken for Christmas dinner. Growing up, that was also known as just dinner, but these days we don't eat that way much. I had a heart attack at 32 and bypass surgery at 44, fried chicken isn't on my plan most of the time.

An occasional indulgence, though. My nephew was so excited about opening presents he basically couldn't eat. Mo had the same problem, but her reaction is to eat as fast as possible, figuring if she cleans her plate then it's time to open.

Em drover herself to the event in her new car, BC. A '93 Honda Civic, black, she nicknamed it Black Citrus because she figures any car you get for a grand is bound to be a lemon. I got her a Club for Christmas because I have firsthand experience with how easily those old Hondas are boosted.

We got out the Monopoly after the gift exchange and before dessert. Should have played Scrabble, after 1800 games of Words with Friends, I'm a fiend on the Scrabble board, but Monopoly is more Corinna's forte. She has a frantic sort of competitiveness that Monopoly seems to bring out more than other board games.

I really enjoy my nephew, though I've learned it's a mistake to try and wear him out. Can't be done. When the weather warms up, gonna get out the old model rockets and let him chase some of them down.

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